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Visiting Shanghai

Shanghai night view


With a history of more than 700 years, Shanghai was once the financial center of the Far East regions. Since the reforms that began in 1990s, great changes have taken place in the city.

7,037 square km

Over 20 million


The official language in China is Mandarin but distinct dialects are spoken throughout the country.
Shanghainese speak Mandarin or Shanghaihua, however most tourist hotels have staff who are fluent in foreign languages.

Renminbi (RMB 6.7265 to US$ 1)
(as of 2 August 2017)




Service Charge
Restaurants and hotels 0~20%

Electricity is supplied at 220 volts, 50 cycles.

The country code of China is 86 and the city code of Shanghai is 021.
Network accepted in Shanghai is GSM.
Local calls from public coin phones cost RMB0.50 for three minutes or RMB1.00 for five minutes.

Useful Numbers

Ambulance 120  Police 110 
ConsumerCouncil 12315 Overseas Country Code Enquiries 116
Fire Services 119  Time 117 
Weather 121 / 221   Tourism Council 64393615
Local and overseas IDD Enquiries 114  Weather 121/221
Pudong Airport
Flight Information
96081388 / 38484500 Hongqiao Airport
Flight Information
62683659 / 62688918 

Time Difference
(Take Monday in Shanghai as an example)
Shanghai   8:00 (0) (Monday)
New York    19:00 (-13) (Sunday)
London (Paris)   0:00 (-8) (Monday)
Tokyo   9:00 (+1) (Monday)
Sydney   10:00 (+2) (Monday)


Weather in September is generally cool, ranging between 18.6 degree celcius to 23.5 degree celcius (65.5 Fahrenheit to 74.3 Fahrenheit).  Storms with torrential rain can become quite frequent in September.

Health and Hygiene
Visitors to China are required to fill in a health declaration form at the Customs. Medical facilities are generally adequate in Shanghai. It is advisable to drink only boiled and bottled water.

Medical & Personal Accident Insurance
It is important to check for your upcoming China visit that you have in place appropriate medical and personal accident insurance in your own country, as it can sometimes be a difficult and expensive experience should hospitalisation in China unfortunately be required.